• 08/12/2016

    Nutrition during pregnancy, for your baby

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    Nutrition during pregnancy, for your baby

    You receive the fantastic news, and suddenly your priorities are all focused in one direction; now your efforts go towards optimising the development of your growing baby, to create the next Einstein, or a perfectly formed little being at the least!

    For healthy development of your baby, it is not about eating for two (unfortunately), it is about providing your baby with the all-important nutrients to grow and develop in a healthy manner. During pregnancy, your diet should be extremely nutrient-dense. Only approximately 200 additional calories are needed during the last trimester, which works out at only 10% extra for most women, although nutrient requirements are around 50% more! We may already find it hard to meet the recommended nutrient requirements, partly due to our love of refined or fast foods, so nutrient-dense foods should be your absolute priority.

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