About nutrition

Nutrition is the fuel for your body. If you do not nourish your body with the required nutrients, it will not function properly and unwanted symptoms or illness may follow. If you give your body all that it needs, you can avoid illness, increase your energy, improve your mood, and feel good.

For more information on how nutrition can help in different areas, view the links below, and to be aware of my personal approach to nutrition, see the About me page.

Your nutritional status can affect several factors such as those listed in the table below. Nutrition can help in many ways, whether you are looking to suppress symptoms or illness, increase your fitness, or ensure that your diet is balanced and healthy. Please contact me if you have a health issue or goal not listed below and we can discuss how nutrition can help you.

Weight management Weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain
Skin complaints Ezcema, psoriasis, acne, dry/oily skin
Digestive disorders IBS, chrons disease, ulcerative colitis, bloating, indigestion
Pre conception Female and male fertility
Pregnancy Morning sickness, babies health, energy, breast feeding
Female health Menopause, fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS
Mental health Depression, anxiety, stress
Sports Performance, hydration, immune support, muscle gain, fat loss