About me

My curiosity for naturally promoting health led me to extensively study nutrition, following years of self-reading. The taste of delicious food coupled with my love of creative cooking has also certainly fuelled my passion for nutrition.

Over the years, I have grown to understand the true potential of nutrition, how it impacts the way we feel, and how it can determine our future health. I now focus my efforts on helping others achieve optimum health and a better quality of life by offering practical and enjoyable diet and lifestyle advice.

My educational background

Having graduated in 2007 with a BSc degree in Medical Engineering, my interest in preventative medicine and inquisitive nature into problem solving led me to continue my studies in the field of nutrition. To be able to prevent disease and eliminate symptoms with diet and lifestyle appealed to me far more than treating symptoms at the surface without correcting the route cause.

Now, with a masters degree in nutritional medicine and a diploma in nutritional therapy, I have a deep understanding of the functional complexities within the body, incorporating how food, supplements, lifestyle factors and medicines interact within the body.

I keep my nutrition knowledge up to date by regularly attending lectures, watching webinars and reading on areas of particular interest to me including sports nutrition, digestive disorders, skin health, mental health issues, energy and weight management.

My approach to nutrition

As nutrition is the study of how to nourish our bodies for optimal health, while taking a scientific approach, I offer diet plans, which include varied and satisfying foods. In my opinion, a ‘diet’ should not be an unrealistic phase to follow for a few weeks, but it should be a healthy lifestyle. Food should always be thoroughly enjoyed and should never feel restricted. As a massive foodie myself, I understand passion for eating and personal preferences, therefore I am here to help you on your journey to build a good relationship with delicious healthy food.

If you can love the food you eat and you know why it makes you feel amazing, then I have accomplished my goal of helping you to change not only your eating habits, but also your perceptions about food. I understand that we are all very different as individuals, therefore advice is tailored specifically for you, to fit into your lifestyle, and with no judgement or pressures along the way.

I believe that diet should always come first, however with modern day foods often depleted in nutrients, I feel that good quality food supplements are of great benefit to health. Where possible, I will always recommend a natural approach to optimising health, however I also understand that contemporary medicine has an important role for some individuals, therefore I work along side medical professionals.

My work experience

Having practised in my clinic in central London since 2010, I am proud to say that I have transformed the lives of many. I have helped hundreds of people to lose weight successfully in the long term and overcome the symptoms of conditions that were previously believed to stay for a lifetime.

Alongside working in clinic, I have also worked in supplement shops as a health adviser, broadening my knowledge in selecting top of the range supplements for those who require additional support.

Menu planning is something I offer in addition to nutrition consultations. I have worked for establishments such as the Hilton, and I continue to develop menus and recipes for clients wishing to try new ideas or for those looking to promote their business to a health conscious audience.

I also regularly contribute to leading consumer magazines including Men’s Health and Natural Lifestyle, health blogs including The Telegraph and Igennus, and my own nutrition newsletter to send out the healthy messages as much as I possibly can.