How to heal a leaky gut

If you suspect that you may have a leaky gut, help is at hand! You are not alone if you regularly experience symptoms of bloating, pain and discomfort.

So what exactly is a leaky gut?

This term is generally used to describe a permeable gut lining associated with inflammation, therefore allowing unwanted food particles and toxins can make their way through. A healthy digestive tract consists of plumped up closely packed mucosa cells which work together to control the initial transport of nutrients through to the rest of your body. If the cells lining the gut are inflamed and damaged, therefore causing gaps, this is in unwanted food particles and toxins to directly enter the blood stream before they have been properly digested.

Your body’s natural reaction to these undigested food particles is to set the immune system to attack them as if they were a foreign pathogen (a bad guy). The immune reaction results in even more inflammation, and therefore further damage to cells.

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