Corporate Nutrition

Could your employees benefit from a few healthy changes? Long work hours and huge demands experienced in the corporate environment can often leave employees feeling stressed and unwell.

As part of your employee welfare scheme, I can offer practical solutions to help keep your employees feeling energetic and happy at work, therefore increasing work productivity and reducing absenteeism in your work place.

Nutrition consultations

One-to-one nutrition consultations are the most effective way to motivate employees, with personal and practical tailored advice to their specific needs. Nutrition consultations lasting 30 minutes are often adequate, and can be carried out in the convenience of your office.

Group workshops and food tasting

To engage employees and to implement real changes, I offer workshops on interesting nutrition topics, with interactive questions and answers so that everyone can understand otherwise confusing matters. Nutrition myths explained in an easy and interesting way.

– ‘Is caffeine really that bad?’
– ‘The truth about sugar.’
– ‘Is weight loss all about calories?’
– ‘An energy boosting diet.’
– ‘Foods to keep your immune health strong.’

Rather than asking your staff to restrict their diets, giving practical advice on what they should include in their diets in my experience leads to better results, so I also like to offer food tasting during workshops. From healthy cereal bar alternatives to tasty herbal teas.

Menu planning for onsite catering

Your employees may know what they should be eating for good health, but having their favourite healthy foods at your catering facilities makes such a huge difference. I offer nutritional analysis of current menus and balanced healthy recipe ideas.


For more information on what I can do for your workplace, please contact me on or call me on 07920401402.