Diagnostic testing

Depending on the type of test performed, the sample may be urine, stool, saliva, hair or blood. Test results are usually obtained within 2 weeks, and the findings will be discussed during a follow up consultation.

The following tests are commonly used to gain a greater understanding of health issues. Several other tests are also available. Tests are optional and are not included in the consultation price.

Nutritional status Antioxidants, vitamin D, Iron, and other vitamins and minerals
Digestive analysis Digestive function, bacteria, parasites and fungi etc
Hair mineral analysis Toxins and minerals can be measured in hair
Liver function How efficiently the liver can convert and clear different toxins
Cardiovascular risk Cholesterol, homocysteine, blood glucose, blood pressure etc
Thyroid Measures gland activity; problems can cause fatigue, weight gain etc
Adrenal Measures the effect stress is having on your body
Hormones Progesterone, testosterone, oestrogen, melatonin etc
Allergy / Intolerance For both food and inhalants such as pollens and dust mites