Weight management

You may have tried all the ‘diets’ out there, and perhaps you have been successful in the short term, however the yo yo effect of dieting doesn’t do well for your metabolism, causing cravings and weight gain shortly after. I offer advice for long term weight loss, therefore dietary changes which keep your metabolism high, keep energy levels constant, and maintain muscle mass.

Dietary advice I give does not rely on will power. For weight loss, there are common beliefs that you need to cut out certain foods and try to ‘eat less’ by controlling portions. We all know this kind of advice is pointless as if your body gives out hunger signals, these very powerful urges are almost impossible to ignore long term. I therefore offer advice on which foods may help to reduce your appetite, without drastic restrictions or feelings of non satisfaction, making weight loss far easier. I also have lots of tricks up my sleeve for satisfying cravings, including healthy desert recipes, healthy chocolate cake being one of my personal favourites!

If you are ready to start your new lifestyle weight loss plan, you can either book nutrition consultations separately in your own time, or if you would like a motivational kick start at a discounted price, you may benefit from a 6 or 12 week weight loss programme which is designed to reset the way you think about food, introduces many delicious recipes tailored for you, and sets you on your path to long term permanent weight loss. The 12 week plan also includes an added trip to the supermarket to fully understand labelling and to show you around the healthy isles.

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